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Dr Lee offers GP consultations in both Dublin 1 and Dublin 2. We cover a wide range of health issues. Get in touch for more information or book online.

Health checks are recommended for all people at least twice a year. Whether it is something specific or just a general check up, get in touch today to make an appointment.

Dr Lee is an experienced practitioner in all areas of women's health. Whether it is smear testing, pregnancy advice or contraception. Get in touch today.

Men's health issues are often overlooked. If symptoms are caught and treated early, they can be dealt with more effectively. Get in touch today to make an appointment.

Travel Vaccines are often required when travelling to other countries. For advice on what vaccines you may need or to have the vaccines applied, get in touch today.

Children can be more susceptible to many forms of illness but they are also more resilient to make a quick recovery. Make a children's health appointment today for diagnosis and treatment.

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